Monday, May 31, 2010

New critics for Vert-Vert

The Publication of the Metropolitan Opera Guild

The editor's choise of recording in the June issue of OPERA NEWS is Opera Rara's new recording of Offenbach's Vert-Vert.

"Opera Rara has done it again! In its intoxicating new studio recording of the rara avis Vert-Vert, the label has restored an 1869 opra comique to bubbly life ......The cast is international but sounds convincing en franais...... Valentin's beloved, the faithful Mimi, is prettily sung by Thora Einarsdottir"

Richard Traubner complete review here

Dilettante Music

"Soprano Thora Einarsdottir sings with exceptional warmth and sweetness as the female lead".

Stephen Eddins, All Music Guide complete review here