Thursday, October 28, 2010

Triumph for Thora as Gilda in Rigoletto

Thora sings the role of Gilda in the Icelandic Opera's new production of Rigoletto. The premiere which was also Thora's debut as Gilda was truly a succes for her. Following are the reviews in Icelands main newspapers:

The audience’s verdict was absolute: Thora Einarsdottir was the winner of the evening. The standing ovation at the end of the premiere last Saturday showed clearly and without any doubt that the jubilation over Thoras performance was not a pretence, it came straight from the heart. And everyone could hear that.
She sang and acted simply delightfully. The voice has grown in volume and strength since we first heard her when she first performed as an opera singer in her early twenties, her technique seems flawless, the interpretation always goes straight to ones heart. The low notes are as pure as the high ones, everything with the right dynamic. How she plays with the low register and how she tiptoes effortlessly through the tricky coloratura in the first act! Yes this is certainly among the best performances ever seen in the Icelandic Opera and hopefully we will enjoy Thoras art as often as possible in the future.
Jón Viðar Jónsson, DV Oktober 2010

Thora Einarsdottir has a wonderful voice and has the looks of a fairy, and the role of Gilda uses all of Einarsdottir talents - except the humor. Everyone knows that the opera Rigoletto has many great arias and it was beautiful to listen to Thora sing Caro nome when the Duke/pour student has left her.
Silja Aðalsteinsdóttir, Tímarit máls og menningar, Okt. 2010

The star of the opera was Thora Einarsdottir in the role of Rigoletto’s daughter. With her everything comes together, a credible acting and an intricate, exceedingly beautiful singing. Her performance was unique.
Jónas Sen, Fréttablaðið Oktober, 2010

Thora Einarsdottir has a presence that is light as a feather, and she interpreted the role of Gilda with intimacy and a fine-tuned grace, her acting was a genuine joy to watch all through to the end.
Ríkharður Örn Pálsson, Morgunblaðið, Okt. 2010